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Nutri Ninja Electric Blender

How interesting and exciting can a blender be? After all, blenders have been introduced into our lives many years ago. Over the years, they have become a very usual part of our everyday lives. This means that you can hardly expect someone to get overly excited about a blender as a gift, right? Well, not really, when there are such great exceptions as Nutri Ninja electric blender.

Imagine the perfect combination of vacuum technology and the latest generation of electric blenders. That’s exactly what Nutri Ninja is! The vacuum pump removes oxygen from your blender cup in order to keep your ingredients impeccably fresh, full of flavor and healthy nutrients.

Of course, you may ask why you need a vacuum in your blender cup in the first place. Well, the thing is oxygen affects color, flavor and vitamins and minerals in a dramatic way. Did you ever notice how your smoothies get discolored and lose some sharpness to their taste and flavor? Yep, that’s oxygen for you. By removing oxygen while blending your drinks, cocktails, and smoothies, Nutri Ninja makes sure they lose nothing in the process. Enjoy your fresh fruits and veggies as they are!

If you think that this new technology makes using Nutri Ninja tricky, you are wrong. All you have to do is put ingredients into the electric blender cup and set a vacuum pump in place. Then push a button to remove oxygen from your blender and blend. So yes, it’s that easy – and just within a minute or two, you’ll get a super smooth, fresh and delicious result.

So what do you get with your Nutri Ninja electric blender?

  1. Smart Auto-IQ technology that allows you to choose the optimal program for blending your ingredients. All you’ve got to do is to push a button – and magic happens!
  2. Digital timer lets you know how much time exactly it will take to prepare your delicious smoothie or a cocktail. As you see, now you don’t have to worry about overdoing it or not blending your fruits & veggies well enough.
  3. Additionally, you’ll get two plastic cups with lids. Now you can enjoy your delicious blended goodness on the go!

No doubt, all of the above makes Nutri Ninja a perfect gift for someone who loves a healthy quality meal and doesn’t love spending a lot of time preparing it. Nutri Ninja proves that a healthy lifestyle can be incredibly delicious!

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