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Noise Cancelling Earplugs

If you think that earplugs are a strange gift, you have never lived near construction or with noisy neighbors. You also have never flown in an airplane or never stay during the whole day in the company of toddlers. But if you or your loved ones, on the contrary, have come across those cases for many times, the set of 60 pairs Mpow Noise Cancelling Earplugs will seem like a blessing to you.

Key features of Noise Cancelling Earplugs by Mpow

Quality protection from noise

Noise Cancelling Earplugs helps you back to peace. This set of 60 pairs offers reliable protection from loud noises and as a result, prevents hearing impairment. It also promotes anxiety reducing. If you stay in a noisy environment for a whole day, this product is must-have for you. Produced from quality PU material, Mpow Noise Cancelling Earplugs achieves noise reduction rating of 32dB. So, you will stay comfortable even at the airport, on disco or shooting range, and during too much noisy party.

Portable design

Noise Cancelling Earplugs by Mpow comes in a durable case. Thus, you can take them with you wherever you go: for vacation, for a walk or even work. The aluminum carrying box will keep earplugs both clean and intact.

Gentle for ears

Even you have never used earplugs before, Noise Cancelling Earplugs by Mpow will be no uncomfortable for you. Thanks to the soft foam material and ergonomic design, each plug rebound slowly and gently. It takes about 45 seconds for completely filling the ear canal.

Easy to use

Mpow Noise Cancelling Earplugs is a foolproof product for daily life. These earplugs can help, even if you need silent away from your home. Just follow our advice for using:

  • Roll the earplug into a tight cylinder.
  • Gently pull ear upward to make the ear canal more align.
  • Insert earplug into the ear canal and hold in place for 30-60 seconds.
  • Enjoy your personal silence.

Also, follow the manufacturer recommendation and take a new pair of Noise Cancelling Earplugs after use for every 5-day.