Newton’s Cradle Balance Balls Pendulum

There not so many universal gifts that would equally excite a child and an adult working in a huge corporation. However, this STEM-related Newton’s Pendulum will definitely make happy your colleague from work or your 11 years old son who loves physics.

Together with making exciting noise, this is a practical anti-stress table gadget. So it will be standing on the table not just for beauty but will help a person to fight stress and concentrate on a difficult task.

The key features of the Newton’s Pendulum

Newton s pendulum is a great gift for an office worker, boss, colleague, and intellectuals. Such a relaxant will perfectly fit as a desk decor into the home interior or the office.  Meditative tapping of shiny balls on your table will help to focus or get distracted from everyday problems and relax in the middle of the working day. If you need a calming effect, Newton’s Cradle Balance Balls Pendulum is what you have been looking for so long!

From its inception, this invention was created by Isaac Newton. Newton’s invention lays in the pendulum effect and the law of conservation of energy. You will see how the ball beats one side and bounces off from the other side. The balls move on a specific path. The Newton balls hit each other and imitate the activity of the perpetuum mobile. The pendulum works for a long time.

Newton’s Cradle Balance Balls Pendulum is equipped with five magnetic balance balls.

The material of balls is metal and the frame is plastic. The pendulum is not big in size. Its dimensions are 18 x 14 x 22 centimeters.

Newton’s Cradle Balance Balls Pendulum will suit the taste of any person in any age and social position.

So make a test. Give this pendulum as a gift to your colleague or relative and you will notice how often it clicks on their working desk when you enter their room or office.