Needlework kit

Let the magic of hands-on work begin with Needlework kit by ARTIKA. If you are inspired by the work of needlewomen and have long wanted to try it yourself, this is the chance for your start. Or if there is an artistic woman in your life, this is a great gift for her. Thanks to the completed content and portable design, it also makes a great gift for parent people, travelers, students, workers, and more!

Advantages of Needlework kit by manufacturer ARTIKA

All that needs in one set

Needlework kit by ARTIKA covers most of your desires about tools for handicrafts. This completed kit offers essential equipment both for sewing, knitting, and crochet. From high-quality needles and metal thimble to stainless steel sharp scissors, crochet needles, and knitting accessories, this Needlework kit includes all that needs for the comfortable process.

Suitable equally for travel and home

If you are in the hunt for completed sewing kit in a small package, there is what you have been searching for. Needlework kit by company ARTIKA is number 1 choice both for travel-lovers and homebodies. Thanks to the portable zippered case, this kit makes a perfect choice for an emergency to repair clothes. Missed buttons, broken zippers, ripped stitchings, torn hem — each of these small problems can be solved with this set.

Portable design

Needlework kit by manufacturer ARTIKA is exactly what your need for travels. Thanks to the ergonomic and lightweight case, you can take this it with you everywhere. The case is also equipped with elastic bands to keep all supplies organized at all times. The size about 6.5 x4.5 inches perfectly fits both for women purse, backpack, suitcase, gym locker, and even office desk drawer. So, Needlework kit helps to feel self-confidence about your appearance wherever you go.