Need Coffee Right Meow — Funny Coffee Mug

Sometimes a hot drink is everything you need. Even you had a bad day and missed your bus. Or have gotten not enough sleep and have a deadline at work or studies. Or quarreled with a friend and lost your favorite bag. Every day you may encounter various difficulties. But take it easy, everything will be ok. Turn your focus toward good and start with simple things. Take a Need Coffee Right Meow — Funny Coffee Mug and pour into it your favorite hot chocolate, coffee or tea. Take a gulp. And one more now. Much better!

A universal gift

A Funny Coffee Mug is a useful small gift for any occasion. A design with a lazy cat, who says “Need Coffee Right Meow” can raise a huge smile from a person, who received it. Such cup will be adorable for men and women with pets, office or freelance workers, coffee lovers or tea drinkers, persons with a sense of humor or without it. Choose this cute cup for yourself, for a colleague or one of the parents,  for a friend or a loved person. It will be suitable for an anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s day, birthday, college graduation, retirement and a lot of other situations. Need Coffee Right Meow — Funny Coffee Mug will add some humor and positive feelings for the person, whom you care about.

Premium quality and stylish design

A Funny Coffee Mug with an inscription “Need Coffee Right Meow” is made of high-quality ceramic. You can clean it by hand wash or in the dishwasher. The minimalistic black & white design on both sides of this cup looks great. Also, there is a cute lazy cat, who does not leave a chance for sadness. A traditional mug’s shape and an ergonomic handle will be comfortable for any person. Above that, it helps you to heat drinks safely in the microwave. This funny cup holds up to 11 ounces and is suitable at home or at work.