Natural Sasquatch Soap Bar

Be sure to choose an excellent gift for your boyfriend, husband, father or grandpa. Every sasquatch recommends this natural soap bar by Seattle Sundries! Even for bigfoot, shaggy heads or sensitive and dry skin — there is a suitable selection. Due to whole natural ingredients and pure essential oils, the Natural Sasquatch Soap Bar is a perfect gift for a person whom you care about.

Natural oils for healthy and fresh skin

The natural soap bar by Seattle Sundries helps to clean body with high-performance and gentleness. Moreover, it keeps skin well-hydrated, firm and tight. This Natural Sasquatch Soap Bar consists 100 percent pure oils for best skin care results. It is suitable for all types of skin:

  • Coconut oil in soap formula provides rich moisturizing and supports your skin repairing function.
  • Olive oil perfectly milds skin from face to toes. It is a helpful ingredient even for sensitive skin.
  • Palm and castor oil also gives skin rich hydration. In addition, they make a stable lather and creamy foam.
  • Tea tree essential oil provides an earthy and herbaceous flavor. It also has antibacterial properties.
  • Cedarwood essential oil perfectly mixes with other soap components. It gives your skin natural woody scent.
  • Lemon essential oil is a final touch of a composition. It smells like a fresh lemon.

100% natural ingredients

Give your loved ones a pleasure via Natural Sasquatch Soap Bar. Handcrafted by premium components, this object will be a perfect choice both for bath and shower lovers. The formula of natural soap bar does not include chemical, synthetic fragrance, and preservative. Also, there are no artificial dyes. Each bar consists of pure oils (coconut, olive, palm, castor), black walnut hull powder, cocoa powder, effective essential oil such as tea tree, cedarwood, and lemon.

Support of handmade production

The Natural Sasquatch Soap Bar is made by a small family company in Seattle. So, if you chose this product, you support small business in the USA. The production process of Seattle Sundries company is whole handcrafted. Thanks to that, each bar is created very carefully, with attention to details.