Natural Handmade Soap Gift Set

If you try this unique floral soap just once, never want to use artificial one from the regular store. A charming aroma and natural ingredients are the reasons why you will completely love this Natural handmade soap gift set ‘Falls River’! A delicate lavender field bouquet will make your tidiness or bad mood melt while taking a shower or a bath. High quality oils clean the skin gently. If you are on the fence about a gift for a woman, Natural handmade soap gift set  will be a safe bet! Mother, daughter, girlfriend, friend, co-worker or anybody else will definitely find it to their taste! What can be more pleasant for a woman than body care gift! All in one: cleaning, scrubbing, hydration, fragrance. Moreover, soap gift set comes in beautiful package to be ready for giving. So, don’t hesitate to give it to the women around here!

Key benefits

This handmade gift set includes two soap bars and a natural wood soap saver. Main ingredients of the soap besides Essential Oils are natural oils, such as Coconut Oil, Castor Oi, Palm Oil, Rice Barn Oil, Shea Butter. Perfect for all skin types. Relevant for the whole body and for a face. No water added! In addition, a grainy part on soap bar helps to exfoliate the skin. You don’t need any scrub or lotion. By the way, the longer you use this soap, the more the fragrance of lavender reveal.

This soap is made without thermal treatment! Law temperatures make it possible to save maximum of active substances from the raw material, therefore it is highly effective. Due to the natural slow saponification, this product has more delicate texture and softer effect on skin than regular hot-processed soap.

French Lavender mixed with Basil provides unique fragrance blend and lots of benefits. Lavender is a well-known and effective way to relieve stress and to return sound sleep. Lavender oil has refreshing, renewing, rejuvenating effect on the skin cells. Basil is famous for anti-aging elements called retinoids. It helps to keep young. Antibacterial properties of the soap helps to remove facial irritation, flushing and scaling.