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National Geographic Fossil Mine

Every child has the strongest hunger for knowledge and exploration. All you have to do is encourage it in the right way. Science holds a lot of wonders waiting to be discovered by your kids, so don’t let them miss the opportunity to become familiar with it. While lifeless scientific facts may leave your kids indifferent, a chance to make their own discoveries will definitely sparkle their interest. This is exactly why this National Geographic fossil mine will make a wonderful gift for a young scientist and explorer.

Undoubtedly, paleontology is fascinating and absolutely worth getting acquainted with. However, making your child sit through a lecture or a TV program is not always an easy task. It’s not because your kids are too lazy to learn. It’s natural and normal for children to explore through action, to personally engage in all kinds of discoveries. This fossil mine is what gives them this opportunity: to discover something new independently. So if you know an inquisitive and active young explorer, consider making them happy with this gift.

Let’s see what this amazing fossil mine offers:

  1. All a young scientist needs to explore in one package. A realistic compressed piece of fossil soil to examine thoroughly, 15 real fossils to unearth and study, and a set of helpful tools. Your kids will gladly spend hours mining this fossil soil for real treasures and learning more about them and the history of their home planet.
  2. A comprehensive and colorful learning guide that will help young paleontologists to learn more about each piece of fossil they find. This will definitely be interesting to both children and their parents. Learn more together with your kids!
  3. Pure fun of personal discoveries made in action. No boring lectures or TV shows will give your kids so much joy and pride in their own achievements. Let them play and learn as much as possible.

So do you know a young explorer of 8 years old or older who you know would love to do some authorized research? Seize the opportunity to open a whole new world of paleontology to them with this truly awesome present. Who knows? This might be the beginning of a future rock star in science.

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