MySack Golf Ball Storage Sack
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MySack Golf Ball Storage Sack

Looking for some funny birthday gift for your brother who is a golf player? Or in search for a present for your best friend who spends hours at the golf course? If so, a Golf Ball Storage Sack by MySack will be your best choice!

Key features of the MySack Golf Ball Storage Sack

So you are a super cool golf player and want to prove other men at the golf course you are a hard nut to crack. Any player has no chance to compete with you? Then buy a Golf Ball Storage Sack from MySack and you will never have any regrets about it.

The Golf Ball Storage Sack contains high-quality materials, is comfortable to use and can hold two golf balls. You can put your balls into the sack, close it tightly using velcro and attach the sack to your belt or any another part of your clothes with the reliable hook clip. Your golf balls will not drop out down while you are moving or running so you will never lose them. The product is made of a long-life ultra-suede fabric, velcro enclosure has sturdy double stitches. The fabric is non-toxic, eco-friendly. You can wash the sack in a washing machine, is resistant to discoloration and is pleasant to touch.

The convenient size of a Golf Ball Storage Sack, which is 6 x 2 x 4 inches, lets you roll it up and fit any pocket if you do not use it. Muted light brown color will suit any clothes and neat stylish embroidery makes the sack look attractive.

Simple and amazingly funny design of this golf ball sack will bring a lot of positive emotions to the person you love. Any man will be excited by its masculine look. The Golf Ball Storage Sack will be the best present to a person with a good sense of humor. If your husband or boyfriend does not play golf but you want to make a cute gift for him, present this sack for keeping ping pong balls, taking snacks to work or carrying some other stuff. Anyway, it will be a useful and hilarious gift.

This fun gift will be a nice addition to the Golf Game Mat for Toilet and Bathroom.