My First Lab Mini-Duo Microscope

If you are in search of something that can pull your kid away from the video game, it is a great choice! My First Lab mini-duo microscope is able to catch the attention of the young researcher from the very beginning and to keep his interest for long. This item makes a kid sure that science and self-learning can be spectacular. Having fun and expanding the brain – that is all that kid needs for mind-broadening and harmonious development.

Professional-grade microscope features

Unlike most toy microscopes, this item uses laboratory quality glass and provides great clarity with the help of the particularly coated optics. Moreover, such optic coating prevents them from a mold and keeps a kid clean.

Dual LED light option makes a perfect illuminated view like an expensive microscope is capable. The dual-view lighting system implies lit from below on a glass slide for flat specimens and lit from above for three-dimensional specimens. LED lights have low-temperature long-lasting and durable qualities.

Kid-friendly: easy to operate and easy to carry

The kit includes specimens, specimen vials, plain and prepared slides, magnifying glass, forceps, pipette and more. Everything is ready for kid’s explorations. It usually takes up to an hour to understand how this machine works. For example, which light to use, how to focus, which magnification is the most appropriate. In a few days, a beginner scientist will turn into a pro in operating this! Besides, detailed instruction is present to help with that.

By the way, the microscope is lightweight and portable. Don’t worry that your kid accidentally drops the microscope or damages something by carrying the tool around the house.

A kid has a chance to start his experience in micro-world exploration. Don’t hesitate to purchase this item as a girt. My First Lab mini-duo microscope is a perfect investment in your youngster’s development!