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My First Cookbook

Start a journey through the wondrous universe of cooking. Do it with your little ones via Kid Chef Junior: My First Kids Cookbook by author Anjali Shah. This illustrated guide is a perfect gift for parent persons or their friends with kids. Inside the pages of this cookbook, you will learn how to prepare healthy and delicious meals which will be loved by the whole family. The little chefs will be able to improve their cooking skills with every page. And eventually, they will create their own meals without help from adults. Do not lose the opportunity to choose My First Cookbook as a gift for any occasion and celebration. It is suitable for 4-8 ages kids and their relatives.

Let us the magic of cooking begins

My First Cookbook is the creation of talented author and mom of two kids. So, this book is an excellent know-how manual of healthy, kid-approved cuisine. It is created to give children confidence in cooking. And if your kids are interested in what goes on in the kitchen, this book is a great addition for studying. Thanks to the different levels of meals difficulty (easy, medium, and hard), this book is suitable both for beginners and for already kid chef. Step by step you will learn together how to chop, cut, bowl, mix, whisk, bake and more. Created to give your children the confidence of cooking.

Inside the pages of My First Cookbook by author Anjali Shah you will find:

The essential tips for cooking

Together with your little son, daughter, niece, or sister, you will study how to choose tools for each receipt, how to stay safe in the kitchen, how to attain the best result and taste of the meals.

25 yummy ideas for every occasion

My First Cookbook includes the 25 fun recipes for breakfast, snack, lunch, etc. You will like the delicious results of bread with a blueberry blast and bananas, surprise brownies with peanut butter, pizza for the party, french toast bake with apples and cinnamon, lasagna roll-ups, and more other yummy meals. Colorful illustrations for each of the recipes help to choose easily, what to prepare the next.