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Musical Learning Table

Enjoy the pleasure of discovering with your beloved kids! Rediscover for yourself beautiful sounds, cartoons, lights and animal voices. Musical Learning Table with a huge variety of functions makes a great gift both for kids and their parents. It is a perfect choice for early education of visual, hearing and motor skills. This toy is also a great selection to spend an exciting time together.

Advantages of Musical Learning Table

Promotion of early education

Musical Learning Table by manufacturer HOMOFY makes a perfect solution for toddlers ages 6 months and up. This learning table with many options is an excellent toy for education. Thanks to the design with different buttons, it promotes the development of motor skills. It also teaches about colors and shapes via the vivid keyboard. The sound modes help to explore musical notes DO, RE, MI, FA, songs, and animal voices.

Lighting feature

Musical Learning Table is a great gift to make your kids busy. It is also a clever idea to motivate them for education. Besides various musical modes, colorful appearance and different shapes of buttons, this toy can grab the attention via beautiful lights. The design with center clock allows enjoying music and flashes at the same time.

Helps to learn about animals

Animal sounds is another reason to choose Musical Learning Table as a gift for your kids. This toy allows a toddler to toggle from sound exploration to voices discovery. Just turn the pages with the animal image to hear the beautiful voices of bird, dog, or elephant.

Adjustable design

Musical Learning Table is a toy that will grow with your little one. Thanks to the clever design it can be used when the kid can only lie down, when he has learned to sit, and when he begins to walk. The adjustable straps on the back help to attach the table to the bed. And the removable legs make great support when the kid be ready to stand up.