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Multitool camping hatchet

Camping, trekking, hiking – active rest like these is about applying your survival skills. The more provision and equipment you bring with you – the more comfortable and protected you’ll feel. Especially, when the night approaches and it’s time to get a fire. Whether you are an experienced camper or trying yourself out in the wild for the first time, Firebird multitool camping hatchet is our number 1 equipment to bring along.

Firebird multitool camping hatchet: technical features.

Ax. The blade is made of 3CR13 stainless steel (American equivalent – 420J2). 3CR13 has become the most popular material for medium-price, but highly durable knives and axes. 3CR13 blades are easy to sharpen to a very fine edge. The total length of the hatchet is 34,7 cm which makes it compact and more of a hatchet kind. Covered with black resistant paint, the blade won’t catch any glares from the sun. For your safety, the blade has rounded edges to prevent accidental cutting.  Firebird ax is ideal for extreme weather conditions. So, don’t worry about your tool if it often stays outside in the rain.

Hand saw. Inside the hatchet’s handle, you will find a perfectly stored hand saw. It’s 30 cm long, 18 of which – the blade of the same 3CR13 steel. The end of the handle has an opening for a lanyard.

Flint. The third element in the set. The flint strikes a spark to kindle a fire. The advantages of using the flint over a lighter or matches: a) it won’t break or run out of gas; b) works even after getting wet.

Protective case. Made of hard plastic in a well-noticeable yellow color, the case covers the hatchet and serves as a storage for the flint. Tight locks won’t let children play with the tool and a large handle allows to carry the whole set comfortably.

Made of strong, durable, water-resistant materials, the 3-part Firebird set weighs just 860 g. Now, if someone asked you: “When alone on a stranded island and allowed to take only one thing, what would it be?”, the answer is clear.

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