Multipurpose Survival Kit

Every outdoor person confirm the more tools you have with you the better, because never know what you may need in your adventure. In this case, the list of necessary instruments is the only way to gather everything in one place. On the other hand, since the space in the backpack is not unlimited, you always have to prioritize what to take with you and what to leave at home. Thus, it will be smart of you to have an assembled set of essentials ready for outdoor use. The Multipurpose survival kit is an excellent solution for anyone who happens to go out to the wild nature.

What makes this emergence gear a great gift idea for Him?

Helpful and compact kit is convenient to take with you to a hiking trip, camping in the wilds, mountaineering, fishing and hunting, expedition or any other outdoor activity. Moreover, it would be nice to have this kit in the car as an insurance in order an unexpected emergency situation won’t catch you unprepared. Your husband, son, dad, boyfriend or other special man in your life will definitely appreciate such thoughtful investment. Appropriate for teen boy scouts and for adults as well.

Must-have for being away from home

All emergency items come in a portable waterproof carrying case, which is small enough to fit in your backpack and lightweight enough not to weigh it down during your trip. Decent quality of the survival gear makes it resistant to hard multiple use.

What will you get with the Multipurpose survival kit?

  • Professional flashlight (AA battery required);
  • heavy-duty tactical pen (made of tungsten steel) with carbide tip;
  • compact wood cutter;
  • emergency blanket;
  • multifunction pocket card (11-in-1);
  • fire starter;
  • paracord bracelet;
  • water bottle holder, carrier (mainly used to attach a bottle to your bag or belt);
  • carabiner;
  • military folding knife.