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Motiv Ring Health Tracker

Wearable devices are not only fitness trackers, bracelets, pedometers and smartwatches that are familiar to us. Today the range of such devices is much wider and includes varieties of everyday accessories with electronic “stuffing”. Among them is the smart Motiv Ring. Today users of Android and iOS smartphones and owners of speakers with support for Amazon Alexa can enjoy using this tracker.

Motiv Ring is a device in the form of a wide metal ring. it features a set of sensors that record the user’s physiological parameters. The gadget can track the heart rate and keep records of the physical activity and sleep quality of the user.

Motiv Ring design and specifications

The Motiv ring is made of titanium (gray or rose gold), which is what makes it so light and stylish. This treatment has received great popularity because it goes well with any outfit or style. Fitness tracker Motiv Ring is only 8 millimeters wide. It performs all the same functions as other trackers. Can read the heart rate, counts steps, sleep and wakefulness modes, the number of calories burned. The gadget comes in seven sizes.

The ring must withstand daily activities, including water dives to a depth of 165 feet, as well as interaction with most household detergents. Damage due to contact with hard surfaces (for example, when lifting a rod) may occur, but they are purely cosmetic and do not affect the operation of the device.

A black indicator is located on the front of the ring. It indicates that the device needs recharging. The Motiv battery actually works for three days, and charges for 90 minutes.

Full-fledged fitness tracker

The ring includes an accelerometer and an optical heart rate sensor. A lithium-ion battery that allows you to work from three to five days in the autonomous mode is built into the ring. Also, the gadget has a waterproof surface. Motiv Ring works in conjunction with a smartphone, where it sends the data. Together with the ring, the kit includes a USB magnetic key and a USB charger.

The owners of Motiv Ring smart rings will be able to synchronize their devices with phones working on main platforms. The developers also integrated the system with Alexa’s voice assistant. It allows you to learn about the statistics collected by the Motiv Ring using speech of Amazon Echo.

At this stage, you might have a question on how to select a proper size for you or someone you want to gift this ring.  If you want to gift the ring for someone itis better to use their cooperation. Before sending the finished smart ring, the manufacturer sends the fitting kit. This helps to verify the correct size. Shipping is included in the price. So you can be 100% sure that the ring fits you perfectly.

This will be an awesome gift for any fitness enthusiast or a person who wants or needs to monitor health parameters. Taking into account the price of the device it can be a Christmas or a Birthday gift for the members of your family, boyfriend/girlfriend or a close friend.