Most followed soccer players on Instagram

Most followed soccer players on Instagram

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Probably there are some soccer fans in the United States who wake up early in the morning to watch live some important European matches. Although we are sure that the percentage of such people is quite low in America. The majority of people here watch NFL, MLB, and NBA.

However, soccer players hold 9 of the 10 most followed Instagram accounts owned by athletes.

The most followed NFL player on Instagram is Odell Beckham Jr. with just over 10 million followers. This is 14 times less than the most followed soccer player has. In this post, we will try to find reasons for such a stunning difference and see who are the most followed soccer (football) players on Instagram.

Top 5 most followed soccer players on Instagram

5. James Rodriguez – 40.8m followers


Jamez is a young Columbian-born soccer player that raised to his prominence playing for European football clubs and Columbian national soccer team.

Not so long time ago he was rented by the German club Bayern Munich from Real Madrid. Bayern has the right to buy him for a permanent contract for 40m Euro after two seasons. His salary will amount to 6m Euro per year if this happens.

His Instagram account contains a lot of professional photos from the games and training. Together to that, there are pics showcasing his luxurious life from yachts, jets and stylish clothing.

A separate part of the account is devoted to his family life and small daughter which he definitely loves.

4. David Beckham – 53.1m followers

David Beckham is one of the most known soccer players in the world. He has retired in 2013 but still remains a popular public figure and has a lot of fans around the world.

He played for various European and American (LA Galaxy) football clubs and for England’s national team. During the 20 years of his career, he has won 19 major trophies.

Beckham’s Instagram account contains some football related pics from his career, including those when he was a young player. In addition, he is a very active public figure so there are a lot of pics from his meetings with other celebrities, philanthropic initiatives, travels etc.

David is a good example of a sportsman-entrepreneur who owns a lot of different online and offline businesses and his Instagram account plays not the last role in that.

3. Lionel Messi – 105m followers


Leo Messi is regarded as one of the best soccer players in our generation. He has scored more than 600 goals during his professional career. Currently, he plays for Barcelona football club and Argentina national team.

When you look at his profile it is possible to believe that he does not have anyone hired to keep his Instagram running. There are a lot of personal pics with his wife and kids. So we believe that there are a lot of female followers to his profile.

Lionel is gaining followers with a stunning rate – about 30m per year. So there is a high probability that he will smash the 100m threshold in the nearest months.

2. Neymar – 108m followers

Neymar-instagram-followersNeymar is a Brazilian soccer player currently playing for the Paris-Saing Germain football club and the Brazilian national team. He is an incredibly talented football player that can use both legs proportionally effectively. Neymar is famous for his speed, dribbling skill and shooting precision.

Neymar’s Instagram profile contains a higher proportion of football-related posts but also a lot of pictures devoted to his son and wife. Some part of pics is also a marketing related posts. Celebrities earn hundreds of thousands of dollars on such posts. No wonder, is there any other media source to reach 100m people globally instantly?

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 150m followers

Cristiano Ronaldo is an icon for many young soccer players and teenage girls all over the world. His Instagram account is not only on the first place among all footballers, but he is among most followed people on Instagram in the world.

He received the prize for the best footballer in the world five times and shares this number of trophies with Lionel Messi. Cristiano currently plays for the Italian club Juventus and Portugal national team. During his professional career, he has scored almost 700 goals.

Cristiano’s Instagram profile contains a lot of football-related pics. There you will see a lot of Ronaldo’s muscles 😉 He also shares his family life with his beautiful wife and three kids. In addition, you will know the brands which Cristiano supports because posts about them regularly appear in his profile.


So as you can see soccer is a global sport and that is why soccer players have way more followers on Instagram compared to NFL, NBA or baseball players. Footballers nowadays ca earn millions on their online presence. Different brands stand in line in order to be able to pay for featuring in Ronaldo’s or Beckham’s profiles. No wonder that soccer players top the list of most followed athletes on Instagram in the world.

We will monitor the rankings and will update you regularly on any important changes.

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