Moon Ambient Light

What is usually associated with home? Rest, safety and close people around. What can be more than this? Only cozy home with pleasant home supplies that make you get comfort and relaxation. Textile, room plants and of course lighting provide our house or apartment with home-warm and delightful atmosphere. The Moon ambient light is one of such interior details both useful and decorative. It appears to be a great gift for your partner, a couple, a family member, a friend or a soulmate. This lamp is perfect for Valentine’s Day, dating or wedding anniversary, engagement or bridal shower, Mother’s/ Father’s Day, housewarming, Birthday, Christmas. Thanks to the item, your evening has every chance to be special!

Personalized gift for a warm feeling of care

Together with the Moon ambient light, you’ll get DIY keepsake ideas. In detail, there are various decals included in the box: ‘We still do’ for anniversary, ‘Mr & Mrs’ for wedding’, ‘Love Never Fails’ for Valentine’s Day. Besides, you can write any wishes on the front or on the back as you please.

With its comfortable ambient glow, it gives an incredible resemblance to a full moon. The ambient light aims to create a harmonizing space wherever you need: bedroom, living room, etc. Looks great on a dresser or on a bookshelf. It can serve perfectly as a night light. Moreover, it will be helpful for your kid who prefer to sleep with a little light in the room or in case he/ she needs to find the toilet in the night.

How does it work?

The lamp has to be plugged in.

It has to be plugged in to work. Wall power adapter and USB power cable included. You can increase the brightness by choosing one of three modes. Just tap a touch sensor (a little couple shaped sculpture).