Mini waffle maker

How can we make our close people sure they are loved? Obviously, by kind words and especially by doing something towards them. It can be surprise, it can be a gift, or it can be cooking their favorite dish. Or it can be double surprise like cooking gift! Mini waffle maker ‘Finether’ can be a great assistant in the kitchen for your family, friends or for you. Make your loved ones happy with cute different-shaped mini waffles! Kids are those who will primarily enjoy this product. It has excellent technical characteristics, high-quality construction and attractive modern design.

Key features

You can adjust the heat by temperature control option. MIN heat setting makes golden fluffy waffles. MAX is for brown crisp waffles. Indicator lights tell you when waffle iron is heated up. The heating elements are thermally engineered to ensure balanced heat distribution.

Mini waffle maker comes with a set of 3 cooking plates for making different shaped waffles and cupcakes. All forms are scratch resistant and made with non-stick coating that prevents waffles of getting spoiled and helps to reduce butter or oil required. Cooking plates can be easily detached, so try one by one and choose what you prefer at the day: cartoon, heart or doughnut shaped plate. Don’t scratch the plates, clean them with non-abrasive scrubby.

In addition, package includes anti-sculd gloves for your convenience and safety.

Safe to use, easy to clean and store

Heat-resistant housing (made of bakelite) helps to avoid scalds. With cool touch handle, it is safe to open the maker while baking. Non-slip feet allows to keep it fixed in one place. You can store Mini waffle maker in upright position, so it doesn’t take much space in a cabinet.

How to make waffles?

It needs preheat 5 minutes after adjusting the knob. Then use brush oil for the working surfaces. Then fill each grid with the liquid dough. Press down the top waffle plate, adjust between MAX  and MIN heat setting, bake for 5 minutes. It’s quite easy, so older children will manage to assist you in making waffles. Do it together!