Metal Wine Bottle Holder

Metal Wine Bottle Holder

Cute wine keeper

Be sure your favorite drink in the reliable paws! A cat-shaped Metal Wine Bottle Holder takes care of your passion to Chardonnay, Merlot or Cabernet. The cute cat hugs your wine bottle tightly. It looks delicately, however, holds every bottle well. Due to an ergonomic design, it shows the whole label perfectly when you put the bottle inside. Select this product as an addition for your home. Also, pick it as a gift for everyone whom you love: a family member, good friend or coworker. It will be a good gift for the Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, birthday and many other occasions.

For cats and wine lovers

The Metal Wine Bottle Holder is a great choice for persons, who have a sense of taste, and prefer stylish interior items in the house. It is not only kitchen stuff. It can be used as a decoration in different types of home interior. If you are looking for a gift for a person, who has everything, also it is a good option. For example, for your successful older brother, boss or father. Select it for yourself, your friends, colleagues, close to you wine and cats lovers. Due to cat shape, this holder looks cute and stylish. It will be good present both for men and women.

Unique design

Look, how cute is this cat! He has a friendly appearance with a kind smile. In spite of the small size of his paws, they can keep wine bottle reliably. Thanks to the size of 4.6 (Length) x 4.3 (Width) x 13 (Height) inches this holder is suitable for the majority of bottles shapes. You can put it on the table or another horizontal surface. Unlike other wine stands, the Metal Wine Bottle Holder perfectly displays a label of drink. Complete it with a bottle of good wine and the perfect gift is already there.

Durable material

The Wine Bottle Holder by Tooarts is made of high-quality chrome-plated iron. Thanks to the environmental covering, you can use it both indoor and outdoor. Even in a wet environment, it would not rust, and the paint will not peel off. Put this wine holder in your kitchen or complete your living room interior with it. Also, the cat-shaped wine holder will be a perfect object for a restaurant or a bar. Set this holder on the table and be ready to receive compliments from everyone who sees it.