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MEOWFIA Wool Cave for Cats

The best choice for cat lovers

It is a common knowledge that a good snooze is a favorite cats’ pastime. They can sleep up to 16 hours a day!

So, give your furry friend such a place where he would satisfy all needs and would feel yourself comfortably and safely. Handcrafted of 100% Merino wool, the MEOWFIA Wool Cave can provide all cats wishes for good relax, play, nap or sleep. Due to a flexible and soft design, it is perfect for use both inside and on top. In contradistinction to open beds, this cave can cover up from any loud noise and can offer a sense of security. Thanks to universal size this woolen hideout will be good both for large adult cats and small kittens.

Eco-friendly and durable

MEOWFIA Wool Cave for Cats is an absolutely ecological and pet-friendly product. It means that the wool is molded by natural materials without chemical. The cave is made by traditional wet-felting technique. There are only wool fibers, soap, and warm water, which are combined and pressured into one flat piece of fabric. Such material keeps cool in the summer seasons and warm in the winter month.

Also, this Wool Cave for Cats is ultra-durable. There are no stitching and seams, which can burst or fray. Moreover, woolen cat bed helps to keep your pet fresh and clean. The natural materials are antibacterial and can repel dirt, odor, and stains.

More warmth in your house

MEOWFIA Wool Cave for Cats helps to make a cozy and comfortable atmosphere at home. Also, it completes the interior as a stylish decor. Be sure, to choose it for your lovely cat.

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