Men’s Genuine Leather Belt

A man who works in a suit and tie business environment definitely pays attention to his professional appearance. In this case, we are sure about the gift he appreciates the most. The Men’s Genuine Leather Belt as a gift will be your valuable investment in His success. You have every chance to make a special man in your life glad with this wearable accessory. Innovative design, contemporary look and maximum durability are the keys thousands of customers choose outstanding belts by ‘Mio Marino’ brand. Dress to impress! This belt adds an attractive touch to any pants or jeans. Appropriate for classic and casual style as well, supposed to be presentable compliment for daily wear or special occasion. An elegant gift box brings bright impression from first sight.


Easy-to-adjust for extremely perfect fit!

Unlike traditional belts with fixed length options according to the placement of the fastening holes, The Men’s Genuine Leather Belt provides great variety of adjustments. In detail, the belt ratchet system offers 38 options for super comfortable fit. No holes! Just lift the LINXX buckle, snug or loose as you need. Quarter-inch adjustments take no effort to choose an ideal size holding the belt conveniently around the waist. In addition, this type of removable buckle makes it easy to trim the belt down to your ideal length. The tightening system works on the inside. You will love the concept of this comfortable control and never want anything else!
Note that the size is up to 44 waist.

Made to last

Genuine leather is sturdy and durable. There is no metal tongue to damage or crease the material, and no concern the belt holes get stretched. Above all, the buckles are scratch resistant. All these reasons ensure increased endurance and long lifespan of the product.

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