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Men’s Bath and Body Gift Set

Men enjoy pampering themselves no less than women do! And what is the best way to do that if not with all-natural organic, handmade spa products? This bath and body gift set is all about quality, natural ingredients and quality me-time for men.

It’s generally considered that men aren’t interested in any spa and body products. As if this stuff is an exclusively female domain. However, that can’t be further from the truth. You don’t have to completely obsess over body care products to be a well-groomed man. Even more, you are not less of a man for using them on a daily basis. After all, men need quality bath and body products as much as women do. So it’s not surprising that such products for men become increasingly more popular.

Undoubtedly, this awesome set will become a great gift for a father, a brother, a partner, or a dear friend. Why? Well, because it’s not your regular set of spa products you can find in any local store. This gift set contains hand-crafted body collection of products only with natural ingredients and no artificially synthesized chemicals. So you’ll have a great opportunity to show your care to those beloved men in your life.

Here are a few details in favor of getting this bath and body gift set as a gift:

  1. Only natural and organic ingredients. 100% natural essential oils and extracts. Coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, aloe leaf juice, corn oil, shea butter, to name a few. All to ensure a nice texture and very masculine scent thanks to the notes of patchouli, black pepper, basil, and wood.
  2. All products in this set are handmade with attention to every detail and special care at every stage of the crafting process. Experienced artisans from the Mallie Boushaye Essentials studio in Canada use only top quality ingredients for your enjoyment.
  3. The gift set contains four products: soap, lotion, body spray, and a shower gel. Each product comes in a stylish custom plastic container and packaging and with a gift basket.

So don’t miss a chance to spoil that man in your life by giving him this amazing bath and body gift set. After all, best gifts are those that are truly unique and show that special care to detail only handmade products can boast.

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