Matcha Tea Set

Calmed mind, relaxed body

The slowly and enjoyable tea session is like a meditation. Especially in our modern world, which is moving so fast. Every day we speed up our life and do more things in less time. But we do not feel happiness, and grow up quality of what we do. Does it right? So, slow down is always a good idea. Take a deep breath and relax, turn your focus toward simple pleasures. The Matcha Tea Set by BambooWorx helps you to do that via an authentic tea ceremony.

Great health benefits

Matcha tea is a perfect booster for health. When you take a sip of this drink, you get a dose of natural antioxidants including one of the most powerful class — catechins. Due to the potent properties, the catechins protect us from fast aging and different diseases. Over the 60% of the catechins in matcha tea are actually EGCg (epigallocatechin gallate) which helps to protect our body from pollution, radiation, UV rays. Unlike the traditional leaf green tea, the matcha tea contains 137 times more antioxidants. The nutritional benefit of one cup matcha is equivalent ten cups of traditional green tea.

Easy to use

The Matcha Tea Set consist a hand-crafted bamboo whisk, wooden spoon, wooden scoop, and the matcha powder. Also, you need a cup to start your own tea session. Use this easy recommendation to make a good drink:

  • Prepare hot water. It must be approximately 175F, not boiled.
  • Use the scoop to take the right amount of tea powder. The ideal amount for one cup is half a teaspoon.
  • Whisk it until a foam arises above the water.
  • Use the spoon to mix powder when it falls to the bottom.
  • Take a gulp. Enjoy!

Universal gift

The tea kit with matcha powder is an excellent choice for different occasions. It is suitable both for men and women, family members or colleagues. Choice the Matcha Tea Set by BambooWorx to make a peaceful atmosphere in your house or in office. It is a good idea for a birthday or Christmas gift.

Durable organic materials

If you want the Matcha Tea Set will keep its properties a number of years, please, follow our recommendations:

  • Put the whisk spikes in cold water for a 5-10 minutes before each use.
  • After tea session, rub whisk gently to remove matcha powder. Using cold water to do that.
  • Wash all tools with hot water or clean them with a damp fabric. Do not use soap.
  • Leave whisk, spoon, and scoop for air drying.