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Matador picnic blanket

When going out to sit on the grass in a park, on a beach or at the camp, most of us have to carry along a thick blanket. It occupies a lot of space in our bags, can get wet and dirty – just makes your leisure time a bit less enjoyable at the end. Some of us even use their coats to sit down and enjoy the sunset. That’s where Matador started their packable travel gear company and offered a new concept of picnic blanket designed specifically for outdoor activities.

Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0

The creators describe Matador blanket as ‘dry, clean place to sit’. It’s hard to argue with that, because of HyperLyte Nylon – a strong ripstop, water-resistant material that protects from twigs, dirt, sand, and insects. The top of the blanket is made of satin fabric that doesn’t stick to skin.

Each corner of the blanket has an integrated metal stake. Pull them out and stick the blanket to the ground so it won’t fold away on a windy day. The metal stakes won’t go rusty so simple dry cleaning is enough. There also are corner pockets which you can use to keep your blanket secure at the beach. To do that, just fill the pockets with the sand.

Matador blanket has an easy-pack pattern for easy folding instructions. Fold it in half along the color schemes and continue to fold along the lines of the pattern.  There is no separate pouch to put the blanket in afterward. Just flip the integrated storage pouch inside out and get the blanket back inside.  Once folded, it will easily fit into your pocket.

The Matador blanket folds out to 160 X 110 cm. It fits perfectly for two people when lying and four when sitting. The total weight is 108 g.

We recommend Matador blanket for everyone who likes spending time in the park or up in the mountains, on the beach or just on the grass in the backyard. Now, when we’ve solved the bulky blanket problem, check out Huzi travel pillow to rest your head and neck on.