Massage Pillow

Personal massager everywhere you want

How many persons do you know who do not like a massage? Don’t know anyone? We don’t know anyone, too! That is why we found for you a Massage Pillow by Naipo. This item is a key to mental and physical health. If you are dreaming about deep relaxation, but do not find the time to visit the massage salon, there is an escape. If you know someone who is in the same situation, choose this pillow too. Give well-being and stress relief to your loved people: parents, husband or wife, close friend or colleague. Present this gift on the eve of the holidays or without reason.

Key features of Massage Pillow:

Universal usage

The Massage Pillow by Naipo is suitable both for the neck and for the back. Also, it can be used to relieve pain from the waist, thigh, calf, arm, shoulder, foot, etc. So, if you sit in front of the computer all day, or have injuries or muscle tension after sports exercises, this portable massager is a perfect choice.

Shiatsu massage for deep relaxation

The design of the gadget includes four massage nodes for deep relaxation. They offer a deep-kneading massage with heat or without it. As well as the skilled hands of a massage therapist, a massage pillow provide a complete repose via acupressure Shiatsu massage. The Massage Pillow changes the direction of rubbing and kneading automatically every 60 seconds.

One button to control

The Massage Pillow is easy to use and control. Just press one button to start the massage session. At first, the pillow will work with heat, but when your press button again, the massage will be done without heat. If you want to turn off the pillow, hold the button for 3 seconds. Also, the pillow has a shut-off function which works automatically after the 20-minute massage session.

Recommendation to use the Massage Pillow

Naipo Massage Pillow for neck and back supports the heating during the massage. Each of fourth nodes offers a heat about 112 F. Such temperature can improve blood circulation without skin damages. However, we recommended paying caution, if you have sensitive skin.

The Massage Pillow by Naipo is delivered with power adapter (110-240V) and adapter for the car. To be sure that connection is correct you should hear the sound “click.” Also, we do not recommend to make massage session during driving. However, this advice is actual only for the driver, not for the passenger.