Mandala coloring book

Creativity is a cure for a human soul. Clearly, the inner artist lives in every person. Sometimes he can hide, sometimes he seeks to shine. In both cases, creativity needs to be translated into reality. Mandala coloring book ‘ColorIt’ is an excellent art therapy and a way to get hours of relaxation, to take you to the world of beauty and bright colors, to renew your state of mind. Color these sacred circles in unusual colors and let them bring harmony into your life. Try to choose exactly the colors that come to your head as soon as you look at a particular mandala. A step-by-step coloring of the mandala helps to cope with overwhelming stress, to find peace and emotional balance. After completion of coloring, you can analyze your artwork in order to understand yourself better. Besides, Coloring book will keep you busy and fill your time while waiting.

Key features

Extra hardcovers

Thick cardboard protects front and back of the book from deformation, and make it durable. Moreover, it is much easier to color outdoors. You don’t need a hard surface like a desk or table.

Spiral binding at the top

Finally, you don’t have to hold a page to keep it flat. Just flip to the page you like and enjoy coloring. By the way, the pages are perforated, so you will easily remove your favorite artwork from the book. You can use it as a décor if you put it in a frame, or you can give it as a gift to your loved one.

High-quality paper

A smooth bright white paper is thick enough to protect the next page from the leakage. Markers, gel pens, colored pencils, and pastels work well on this paper. Even watercolor paints with ‘wet on dry’ technique are acceptable.

Original design

All 50 mandalas are hand drawn. Different design complexity makes Mandala coloring book affordable for adults and kids. That’s why it is a great gift for everyone!