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MalloMe Single Camping Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bags by MalloMe are perfect for friends who love to escape from big city life and to spend their weekends at the bonfire, camping, fishing, hunting or hiking. Who, at the same time, don’t want to leave the comfort of civilization at home. Go camping whenever you want and let the weather be the last thing to stop you! The MalloMe sleeping bag has the double-layer technology, the hexagon shaped fabric, and the S-shaped stitching. The materials will keep you warm, dry and safe even in the most unfavorable weather conditions and in near-freezing temperatures.

Forget about heavy and bulky backpacks! The MalloMe sleeping bag is made of lightweight and durable 100% polyester material. It is soft on your skin and easy to clean. The sleeping bag also has a compression sack with straps which make it convenient to carry and to store.

Reliable and comfortable: MalloMe sleeping bag

Think about your next journey for camping and decide that you deserve a decent rest after a full day of activities. The MalloMe sleeping bag let you sleep comfortably on any terrain or external conditions.

Special design of the sleeping bag will protect your warmth in the coldest conditions if you decide to go camping in early spring or late autumn. In case it is raining outside and your tent is leaking you will be dry and warm because the MalloMe sleeping bag is made of waterproof, weather-resistant materials. This is possible due to the revolutionary double-layer technology and S-shaped stitches on the bag.

The bag is easy to clean and carry around. If you prefer machine cleaning, then you can put your MalloMe sleeping bag in the washing machine without any fear. You can also simply wipe it with a damp cloth. Special compression sack coming with the sleeping bag lets you pack the bag into quite a small space. This makes storing and transporting of the sleeping bag a really easy task. Extreme lightweight of the sleeping bag makes you forget you are are carrying it with you.

Special material of which the sleeping bag is made is good for any type of the skin. The producer guarantees the quality of the product and will answer any claims within 1 working day.

This bag will be a perfect gift for your relative, colleague or friend who loves camping or whom you want to motivate to get a small adventure in their life!