Make Lip Balm Kit

Let your little daughter, young sister or niece discover a wondrous world of science. Make Lip Balm Kit will help her to do that in an exciting manner. Girlish-looking, this set actually hides a wealth of valuable information for a future chemist. So, if you are looking for both educational and fun gift, this is the best choice. This DIY kit is suitable for kids ages 8 and up.

Advantages of Make Lip Balm Kit by SmartLab Toys

Exciting learning, useful results

Make Lip Balm Kit by SmartLab Toys is a great solution to display results of successful studying. This young chemist’s kit helps to discover science via the power of beauty. It comes with natural components to create your own personal care products such as lip balm and moisturizer. Inside the pack of this kit, your gift recipient will find plenty amount of natural beeswax and supplies for a ready balm.

Everything you need in one set

Let the science will be on guard of beauty. This chemistry kit includes everything that needs to produce your own natural-components balm. Make Lip Balm Kit by SmartLab Toys enough amount of beeswax to make 6 different balms. Just blend it with your favorite oils or flavors, and enjoy the smooth and moistened lips. Make Lip Balm Kit comes with colorful pods for prepared balms. It also cams with different-shaped molds for lush lotion bars, or sugar scrubs.

The perfect blend of studying and fun

Make Lip Balm Kit will help your beloved kids to discover the benefits of natural components, which are used in care products. Thanks to the illustrated booklet, your little daughter or sister will also know about other recipes for lips cosmetics. So, try together with her to create adorable cocoa or cherry balm, beneficial balms with olive oil and vitamin E, or scrub with brown sugar.