Magnetic Wristband

If you are looking for some simple but useful gift for your father, husband or a boyfriend, then this magnetic wristband will be a perfect choice. It will be helpful for your man while making repairs in the house, at work or in the garage. It is always impossible to keep at hand all the necessary screws, bolts and nuts. Each time picking the right one requires additional time and efforts. Also imagine the situation of losing the bolt when you are standing at the top of a roof, or if it falls inside the engine of the car. The magnetic wristband solves all those problems and will be an invaluable accessory in repair work.

Key features of the magnetic wristband

  • The magnetic wristband has “15” super strong magnets that surround almost entire wrist. They hold nails, drill bits, fasteners, and wrenches perfectly. You can try it even with some small tools.
  • The width of the wristband is 13.1 inches. It has an adjustable length, so you can place it on the wrist of any size and adjust accordingly.
  • This device features a lightweight design and has a breathable material. So it will feel comfortable in any weather and working conditions.
  • It will be especially handy while working at heights, climbing ladders, repairing and building roofs.
  • The wristband weights only 70g.
  • There are 2 pockets on the wristband for you to carry some small tools.

So this magnetic wristband will be an awesome gift for your relative or a close man who deals with repairing stuff or work with tools and small metal components. You can consider giving it as an additional gift for Birthday, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine’s day or a Veteran day. With such a gift you will not only please your man but will ensure his safety and save working time.

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