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Magic Water Drawing Mat 32x24in

Use Magic Water Drawing Mat 32x24in for a fun pastime with your child. Play at home, outdoors or during a long journey. Recommended children age is 2 years and older.

A large area for drawing will improve your child’s fantasy and coordination of movements. The waterproof nylon material at the back of the mat does not let the moisture on the floor and does not cause allergies. Due to its soft construction, the mat can be folded efficiently for easy storage. Do not use paint or ink anymore, use water to fill the pen! It is absolutely safe and does not leave any marks on clothes.

Children will happily play outside together with the Magic Water Drawing Mat. The kit includes 2 small pens, 2 large pens and 6 large drawing molds. After drawing the picture, it disappears in 3-10 minutes depending on the intensity of light and wind.

To start the game you need:

  • put the pen head in warm water until swelling;
  • pour water into the pen;
  • draw funny scribbles on Magic Water Drawing Mat.