Lock Laces

Lock Laces are a great gift for sport-lover in your life. These original shoelaces are a perfect solution for athletes such as runners, CrossFit-enthusiasts, triathletes or powerlifters. This set is also an excellent selection for parent persons, kids, and aged people. Thanks to the original design, the set of Lock Laces easily turns each favorite shoes with laces to the no tie slip-on footwear.

Advantages of Lock Laces

Customized design

Lock Laces will give your gift recipient adjustable tension and personal stretch-fit support. Due to the elastic material, lock mechanisms, and tie clips, these shoelaces are easily used and replaced. With these no tie shoelaces, you will never feel discomfort due to the bending down.

Comfort during a whole day

Lock Laces promote your feet to feel both relaxed and supported. Whether you are a professional athlete, walk-lower or an office worker, these are what you have been searching for comfort. Due to the extra compression, Lock Laces lessens pressure points for better feelings throughout the entire day.

One size both for kids and adults

Do not worry about what size of cords to select for your gift recipient. Lock Laces comes in universal size with 48 inches in length, which can stretch up to 72 inches. Due to that, it is suitable for lacing up both for adult’s and kid’s shoes. Just measure the desired length of the lace and secure it with the lock.

Easy to install

Lock Laces are everything that needs for a comfortable workout, walks or other outdoor activities. These no tie shoelaces are quick for installation and easy for using. So, follow a few tips from the manufacturer and achieve excellent results in minutes:

  1. Replace old shoelaces on your shoes with Lock Laces.
  2. Attach the laces into the lock mechanism.
  3. Slide the lock to the tongue of the footwear, measure the appropriate length and trim off the excess of cords.
  4. Secure trimmed ends of the Lock Laces via cord clip.
  5. Enjoy your new, no-tie shoes!