Lip Sugar Scrub

Give beloved lady in your life huge smile via Lip Sugar Scrub. This scrub offers a delicate exfoliation and is suitable even for sensitive skin. Thanks to the formula with natural sugar, oils, honey, and delicious vanilla flavor, this product will help her to achieve the smooth and soft lips for a pleasant way.

Lip Sugar Scrub is an excellent idea of a small gift. It is suitable for a birthday celebration, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversary, or even without occasion.

Advantages of Lip Sugar Scrub

Natural exfoliant

Soft skin and a long-lasting lipstick covering is not a dream. Especially, if exfoliation is a regular basis in your beauty care. So, if smooth lips are your goal, grab this Lip Sugar Scrub for pleasant lip treatments. Naturally sweet, this scrub is both safe, delicate, and useful product to reduce dry, and chapped lips. Apply it to exfoliate lips twice a week, thus achieve soft skin and a huge smile. This Lip Sugar Scrub has a vanilla flavor, but the manufacturer Beauty by Earth also produces scrubs with berries and mint.

Easy to use

A natural and healthy smile is beautiful. And Lip Sugar Scrub by Beauty by Earth helps to achieve that via easy steps. At first, clean face, and apply a small amount of product to lips. Massage it using a gentle, circular motion. Leave the product on the lips for 1 or 2 minutes. After waiting, clear away any excess via damp cloth. Apply your favorite balm, and enjoy your smooth lips!

Safe formula

Lip Sugar Scrub by Beauty by Earth is made in the USA of natural ingredients such as oils, beeswax, and raw sugar. This care product is vegan and free from cruelty, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, phthalates, and parabens. The packing is also friendly for the environment.