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LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

65% of a human’s body consists of water. A proper level of water (hydration) helps our bodies function well. Hydration is especially important during physical activities, long walks, in heat and extreme situations. But what if you are out of water and there is no source of clean drinking water around? If you happen to find yourself in such conditions quite often having a Life Straw personal water filter will easily solve the problem of clean drinking water.   LifeStraw personal water filter by Vestergaard is a simple but effective device that turns dirty water from rivers and lakes into a clean one.

Technical features

The filter weighs 52 g, it is 25 cm long with a 3 cm diameter. The housing is made of a strong plastic, the water openings have plugs to prevent dirt and other particles from getting inside the filter. The loop piece for the lace at the top makes it comfortable to carry the filter on your neck or attach it to the backpack.

Ultrason E membrane fiber provides a high level of filtration. Its 0.20-micron pores filter not only tiny dirt particles but also bacteria and viruses. As the manufacturer claims, LifeStraw filters 99.9999% bacteria and 96.2% tap water viruses. This keeps you safe from poisoning and dangerous diseases.

Originally, LifeStraw was designed as an affordable alternative device to provide drinking water in dry climate zones. However, due to its compact sizes and stable efficiency, LifeStraw became popular among professional rescuers, survivals, and tourists. This personal water filter doesn’t need any adjustments and is ready to use once unpacked.

LifeStraw personal water filter: how it works

Remove the top and bottom filter plugs, put the filter in the water and start sucking the clean, filtered water through the top opening. Water filtered by LifeStraw becomes more transparent. However, the taste will be different from the bottled drinking water since rivers don’t have that amount of salts and minerals like the underground sources. You will feel the water coming 3-5 seconds later. This happens because of the filter design: tight pores of the membrane fibers filter the water thoroughly. After you are done drinking, blow the filter to clean the micropores and water droplets. Close the plugs and put the filter back in its place.

The filtration system of LifeStraw doesn’t contain any chemicals or complicated mechanisms. It also doesn’t need any power supply. The filtration capacity is about 1000 liters of water.

We recommend LifeStraw personal water filter for people who prefer extreme outdoor activities when drinking water can be scarce or even unavailable.

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