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Let’s Dance Elmo Toy

Love your baby dancing and singing? Let’s dance Elmo toy is the right toy to be a good companion for a kid to dance with. It will catch a kid’s interest from the first moment, and keep him involved for long. This will make you happy, for sure. Lots of smile and laugh – that is the outcome Elmo came to dance with you! Sesame street toy will be appropriate for 1.5 years aged kids and older.

Easy to work with

This interactive toy has three musical modes: Colors, Songs and Animals. A kid will absolutely manage to operate the toy. Three buttons on the headphones and heart button – all you need to know to start it going. Each mode activates by the touch. Heart lights up with different colors. The flashes come according to the music beats. In that case, it is a funny and enjoyable way for a toddler to learn animals and various colors.

Dance with Elmo

Sesame street cartoon character swings his arms, shakes the hips, tilts the head while dancing. The kids try to mimic the dance moves. So adorable to watch it!

Sing with Elmo

10 songs are available. The music toy offers understandable words and cute tunes to enjoy. Let your little one choose his favorite songs. No doubt, they will be on replay over and over.

Besides that, Elmo’s motivating phrases are about great dancing they have just finished; his will to have a dance party, and many more. Press the heart button on the toy and listen how he can encourage a kid to dance together.

Dance on the go

You can use the headphones as a handle. It is lightweight, thus the little one will be able to carry the toy around the house.

Safety above all

Let’s Dance Elmo Toy is made of durable plastic-like material. No parts that can break off and cause any trouble. Elmo stands steadily, so don’t worry it falls off. Sesame Workshop licensed.