Laptop desk table

If you spend much time with laptop, tablet or Pad, obviously, you need this time to be productive, efficient, interesting and comfortable as well. You have to work, but you are tired of sitting at the desk – nestle at your favorite place and take a laptop with you. Laptop desk table will be your essential assistant providing maximum convenience while you take your time in your armchair, beanbag chair or right in the bed.


You can use a laptop desk table as a laptop or tablet holder, book stand, bed tray, serving desk for a sick person, writing desk for a kid, breakfast serving. It would be appropriate for reading or drawing at home and at school, in the office and in the car. During travel or business trip, it will be useful as a portable working table. The size of the Laptop desk table is 21.5 Length x 14.1 Width x 13.8 Height inches.

High-quality material

Natural bamboo is 100% eco-friendly and easy to clean material. The advantages of bamboo are moisture resistance, accelerated cooling and heat dissipation.

Ergonomic design: safe for health and helpful for your laptop

Laptop desk table has handmade polished smooth surface and flower shaped ventilation holes for better cooling ability. Foldable extended legs and tilt can easily adjust the height and width of the laptop desk table. Five different height options are available for your comfort and health. Your eyes and neck will get maximum protection. Additional safe baffle makes a laptop steady positioned. Moreover, a secure led lock will prevent any trouble.

You can use a side drawer as a storage space for USB cables, flash disks, office supplies such as pens, stickers.

Useful gift

Laptop desk table can be a great gift for those who prefer to work out of the working table. As a multi-purpose product, it is a good helper in different occasions and needs.