Knitted Boot Cuffs

Winter is not a reason to choose between warmth and beauty. There is a huge amount of fashionable fall and winter accessories to warm you up and to add a stylish touch to your outfit. Knitted boot cuffs are one of such pleasant little things. If you would like to stand up this winter season, you’ve definitely found what you need. This set is a nice option for accessorizing, and great choice for a gift as well! Great for giving to loved ones, families, female friends, co-workers, and anyone you care about. Such heartfelt and at the same time useful gift will make them glad. Besides, who is passionate about the footwear, will absolutely enjoy this attractive detail of the ensembles!

Why these crochet knit boot toppers will be so helpful while you are outdoor?

Specially designed for cold season wearing, they bring you feeling of cozyness and comfort. The material for this pair is cotton blend acrylic fibers. Soft fabric won’t cause any scratches. Non-slipping texture makes them convenient to wear. They are stretchable, so won’t fit too tight on your legs, no matter where you prefer to wear them: on your upper calves or around the ankles. In addition, this feature prevents them from losing shape, even with pulling them over the clothing. The knitted pair slips down easily into the top of the boots, as well as looks excellent atop the boots. Fits perfectly over tights, jeans, leggings or just on the bare skin.

How to care of The Knitted boot cuffs for their long lifespan?

Hand wash would be preferable, also gentle machine wash is acceptable. Lay flat after washing to dry. Thus, you prevent the leg warmers stretched out.

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