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Kids Camping Set

Do your little explorers are thrilled about adventures? Of course, they do! It is so naturally for kids to be thirsty for exploration of the world. And you can help them to satisfy their interest. If you have spent hours looking for a gift for a kid and you don’t want your gift to add a pile of useless toys, we have perfect solution for you! Kids camping set ‘ToyVelt’ gives happy playtime for restless campers. Besides entertainment, it has educational purpose. Great both for outdoor and indoor activity. Son or daughter, grandkid, nephew or niece, this toy as a gift will completely amaze any boy or girl. It is appropriate for the age of 3 years and up. Lots of fun and pleasant education guaranteed!

Do you wonder what is this incredible kit consists of?

Kids camping set has such pieces: a tent, two walkie talkies, a telescope, a little shovel, a water bottle, a multifunctional battery operated device with a whistle, a flashlight, a thermometer and a compass. By the way, a tent can easily accommodate two children.

What useful knowledge can your child get with the help of the camping set accessories?

Children become inventive while exploring nature. All the camping tools permit to satisfy their never-ending curiosity. In detail, adventure lovers will learn what is a telescope, how to build a tent, how to use a thermometer. They will try to navigate by a compass.

The kids will have a chance to understand why it is so important to be well equipped outdoors. What to do in the dark? It is smart to use flashlight to see a pathway. How to communicate from a distance? A whistle and the walkie talkie come to their aid. How to hide and excavate things from the ground? A shovel will be useful in those cases.