Kids Baking Set

Give the pleasure for your little ones via Kids Baking Set by Pop Kids. And start together a journey through the wonderful universe of flavored cookies, fluffy buns and home-made sweets. Thanks to this small version of professional cookware your younger sister, daughter or niece can imagine themselves as a truly confectioner or baker. The item is suitable both for beginners and advanced little chefs above 6 years old.

A great idea to spend time together via Kids Baking Set by Pop Kids

The Kids Baking Set is an amazing gift for parent persons and their kids. If your child is inspired in the cooking process and tries to help your in the kitchen, no doubt to choose this item. Or even your little one is a beginner in that, we sure the hands-on work will interest him or her. So, do not lose the opportunity to choose this set to spend more time together and strengthen the power of relationship via active play time. The kit for young bakers will be a perfect gift for any occasion and celebration.

Advantages of Kids Baking Set

19 tools in one box

The Kids Baking Set includes everything that needs for joyful playing and enjoyable cooking time. The set consists the 19 pieces of a small version of pro tools: baking spatula with silicone tip and wooden holder, metal whisk, baking brush with wooden holder, food-grade silicone rolling pin, large non-stick metal baking pan, flower shaped cake tray, mini cake tray, chocolate mini-muffin molds (set of 12). So, there is a small version of cooking equipment that adults are using as a regular basis.

Quality materials

The Kids Baking Set will be a pleasure for your kids from year to year. All tools are made of natural and safe materials such as wood and silicone. Also, the cooking equipment is taken food grade. Also, the Kids Baking Set is The BPA Free.