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KeySmart key holder

Carrying a bunch of keys can be problematic. First, the often mix together and you cannot find the correct key easily. If you carry them in your pockets, the bulky keys clutter and slowly spoil the fabric of your pants. Traditional key chains are just an accessory and have almost no practical use. KeySmart key holder lets you organize all your keys (and not only them) in a few minutes.

2-14 keys in one KeySmart key holder

KeySmart organizer looks like a small pocket knife: only 22 g of Aluminum + Stainless steel and 10 cm long. KeySmart classic holds up to 14 55 mm long keys. If you work in the industry and use bigger keys for bigger locks, try Pro and Rugged versions for up to 80 mm long keys.

Bulky bunch of keys take too much space and mix with smaller stuff like change money. When you carry them in your pockets, the keys often poke you and damage your pants. It would be a pity to throw a relatively new pair of jeans just because the pockets have holes. Moreover, even a bunch of 3 keys in a loose pocket makes this irritating sound when you walk. If you go out running the keys will not only keep jingling but also jump up and down, hitting and poking your legs.

Organizing your keys with KeySmart takes just a few minutes and no special tools required. You can also attach a USB stick, pocket knife or screwdriver. Use the loop piece for larger car keys or Smart Tag Nut 2 which will help you not to lose them.

KeySmart key holder will be a perfect gift for your father or husband. If you need to organize smartphone cables and electronic accessories, check out Bagsmart electronics organizer.