Key Sprinkler Head Hider

Do you happen to forget your house key? It would be smart of you to have extra copy of your keys outside. Leaving keys under a welcome doormat is not the best solution. But fake rock is too obvious since one can buy it in every store. Luckily, we have a special offer for you. The Key sprinkler head hider provides great idea of keeping your spare keys in a safe place. It looks naturally in a landscaping of your front yard. From now on, no concern you have to call a locksmith or to wait for your families to bring the key in case you get locked out. Just put your key into the waterproof discreet device and leave it securely in plain sight!

The Key sprinkler head hider is a perfect gift for those who live in private house, who hire house sitters, nanny. Besides, it appears to be the real deal for kids and elderly people who happen to forget their keys at home. No frustration anymore!

What are the main features of the key hider?

This item is made of indestructible heavy duty material. That’s why its durability guaranteed. The capacity is large enough to fit 5 or more keys. Appropriate for cash and small documents as well.

Due to realistic design, no worries someone is able to figure out what it actually is. At the same time, you and your family members can recognize your key hider with no problem.

The supply is proving to be waterproof, so make sure your essentials will be safe and dry. Just screw the top on tight to keep water out. Then, push the key hider into the ground. With a spiked bottom, it is easier than ever. No digging required. Only if the ground is too dry, you might need to wet it just a little bit.