KELODO Mini Earbud

Here is to your attention very lightweight KELODO Mini Earbud which does not fall out of the ear at all. Such earbud is suitable for people both during the work or when they have a rest. The absence of wires makes this device very easy and comfortable to use. Besides, your hands will be free all the time. The right position of the earbud creates a passive noise-reduction. It allows to be not distracted from doing business. Nice design combines the possibility to lead an active lifestyle in the most comfortable way for you (playing sports, hiking in the park, cycling). Your earbud will remain in your ear even if you have to shake your head. This will give you complete freedom of movement.

Key features of the KELODO Mini Earbud

The latest version of the earbud has a stunning deep stereo sound. Your voice, captured by the built-in microphone of the earbud, will be clearer than if it was captured by the standard microphone of your phone. The device provides stable communication and reception of telephones calls. It can be used for up to 5 hours. It does not require a full charge.

Just like other similar devices, KELODO Mini Earbud makes it possible to connect other devices using Bluetooth technology. The earbud is intended to fit with two other devices (such as a laptop and a mobile phone). This feature is not available for the most of other headphones. So you never miss a phone call. You will be pleased that you can leave your phone anywhere at home and move around without having to worry about your phone which is accessible for calls all the time.

Reliable and totally wireless communication eliminates sound problems. The new version of the wireless transmitter has a high transmission rate. The noise-reduction function delays sounds such as wind noise or people’s chatting near you. It allows you to enjoy a crystal clear sound.

This will be an awesome gift for an office worker, sports geek, cyclist, driver and anyone who likes to enjoy listening to music, audiobooks or talking over the phone for hours.

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