iRobot Vacuum Cleaner

iRobot vacuum cleaner is an innovation in the modern world that is hard to manage without. With this device, life will become easier, and cleaning will not seem difficult. iRobot vacuum cleaner can be programmed as it is convenient for you. Its advantage is that it does not finish cleaning until the best result is achieved. It effectively cleans not only floors but also any carpets. The iRobot vacuum cleaner has non-contact surface brushes that suck up dust, dirt, hair and other things from any place, even hard to reach.

Key features of the iRobot vacuum cleaner

iRobot vacuum cleaner can work without stopping for up to 75 minutes. If during this time the cleaning is not completed, it will continue cleaning until the end of work.

It is very convenient that you can program the robot from your smartphone. At any time you can open the room map on a smartphone and see the places where the robot has completed cleaning and vice versa. Advanced function called Dirt Detect can recognize and point to the dirtiest areas of your house that require extra cleaning. After that, they independently configure the vacuum robot to re-clean.

A highly efficient filter absorbs all allergens and even pollen, which is not visible to the human eye. This iRobot vacuum cleaner will be the perfect gift for every woman or man. For example, you have a bachelor friend whose apartment is always full of dust and dirt on the floor. He might be too lazy or too busy to clean it up. But he will definitely appreciate you giving him such a gift. It will be also suitable for dorm rooms or other apartments where it is no possible to invite a housekeeping personnel. Such a gift suits well not only Christmas but even her birthday. After all, saving time in our age is very important and useful.

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