Irish Tartan Scarf

Make your life cozier and more pleasant with Irish Tartan Scarf by John Hanly & Co. Even on windy days or chilly evenings, it will rescue from boredom and sadness. It is crafted from 100% lambswool, that is why can keep warm and give the feeling of comfort for its owner. Its canvas is both light and thin. Take it off from neck and hide in your bag if you want to. Made with traditional Irish or Scottish patterns, it is suitable both for men and women. So, this Irish Tartan Scarf will be a universal gift. Choose it to complete your style or make a gift for a person, whom you care about.

Perfect for chilly seasons

Imagine, how great would be to walk on streets with comfort herewith look stylish. Irish Tartan Scarf will help you bring to life this dream. It will be a perfect remedy to escape from autumn distemper after light-hearted summer moments. Complete your look with this stylish accessory, when you are going to date, for a walk with friends, to work or any other occasion. Wrap up in this scarf and soft overcoat, take a mug with mulled wine or tea and feel pleasure. Its size is 12 х 63 inches. The scarf can be used not only for wrapping but also for draping and tying.

Easy to care

If you want the Irish Tartan Scarf to be durable and soft from year to year, take care of it. Relax, it is not difficult! Just wash it with mild detergent and cold water. The best way to keep a perfect look of this scarf is not to use machine washing, only by hands. After that, hang it up to dry.

About John Hanly & Co and Biddy Murphy

A John Hanly & Co is a company from Tipperary, Ireland, wich craft products from wool, cashmere, mohair and natural fibers since 1893. Nowadays they collaborate with South Haven company Biddy Murphy. As a result, you can choose great products with authentic Irish style. Such as this Tartan Scarf.