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IQ Builder Kinetic Sand Kit

What kind of things come into your mind when you think of childhood? Exploration, learning new things, first discoveries and all kinds of games that bring a lot of fun. Younger kids can spend hours playing in a sandpit or at the beach, building castles and playing with buckets and spades. Now you can bring all the fun playing with sand offers to your home with this amazing kinetic sand set! What’s more, this sand is much safer and less messy than the regular sand.

Thinking of a great gift for a young kid? Chances are, they already have a plenty of stuffed toys and plastic cars, dolls and action figures. And although of these are really nice to play with, let’s admit it: they get boring very soon. A great toy is the one that sparkles your kids’ interest and makes them want to play again and again. A great toy is the one that helps your children to learn and to grow. Finally, a great toy is the one that is perfectly safe and doesn’t harm your children’s health in any way. IQ builder Smart Sand offers all of the above and much more.

Let’s see what makes this kinetic sand set so great:

  1. One of the best educational toys out there. If you wish to boost your kids’ creativity, there is no better way than giving them this smart sand kit. Let them play with color, shape, and texture, developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and sensory perception. Learning has never been so fun and addictive!
  2. Great for playing with friends. The set includes several pounds of kinetic sand, a plenty of plastic molds, sand shaping and carving tools, shovels and a large mat to play on. After all, playing as a team is so much more fun!
  3. 100% safe and eco-friendly. This kinetic sand doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients, it’s hypoallergenic and is perfectly clean and free of any bacteria. rest assured that your children are safe and protected while playing!
  4. Soft, colorful, so nice to touch. It’s pure pleasure to play with this smart sand and enjoy its texture and colors. It feels just like wet sand, but it never dries out and never leaves any stains on your floors and furniture. All you need is to keep it in a plastic container.

It’s quite obvious that this kinetic sand is the best option you can think of when choosing a gift for a child. Designed for kids of 3 years old and older, it may be equally addictive for both kids and adults.

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