Inflatable Travel Hoodie Pillow

Love trips but hate sleeping upright on the airplane, in the car or in the train? Inflatable travel hoodie pillow solves the issue of exhausting flights or rides. This cute product by ‘HoodiePillow’ brand will be your perfect buddy while traveling. Moreover, if you are on the hunt for a practical gift for a travel lover, you are on the right way! This convenient travel accessory will definitely please those who choose an active lifestyle. In addition, you can use it at home during studying, watching TV, reading, listening to music and many more. Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving and other special occasion are fine reasons for giving this as a present for everyone on your list.

Shut-eye conditions

Do you dream to turn a car or airplane seat into a comfortable chair for rest and relaxing? Inflatable travel hoodie pillow provides the desired feeling of coziness and comfort. Made of Premium Sweatshirt fabric (80% polyester and 20% cotton), it has every chance to satisfy your needs. The pillow ensures a great support for your neck and head. It fits tight enough around the neck to give you an ability to take a nap. No doubt, soft hoodie will be your favorite part! It is a great addition for your maximum comfort. Extra warm and comfy experience will remind you home. It gives privacy in public place like airplane, bus or train. By the way, you can adjust the firmness by two drawstrings to your liking.

Key features

This hoodie neck pillow inflates easily and becomes full-size pillow in seconds. It is foldable for saving-space transport and storage. Just decompress it and put in your baggage or carry-on. Easy to use and easy to store! Recommended to wash by hand.

Inflatable travel hoodie pillow is crafted and patented in Bristol, PA.