Indoor Bonsai Live Money Tree

Are you searching for symbolic gift for your family, friends or co-workers? Indoor bonsai live money tree ‘Brussel’s Bonsai’ is well-known symbol of good luck and wealth. Excellent evergreen plant will be an inspiration for everybody around. It is attractive decoration and stylish accessory for home, office, showroom, etc. Great-tasting gift will be more than relevant for different occasions.

Key features

This bonsai is a water chestnut tree. The miniature money tree has bright green leaves and consists of five trees braided together. 4 years aged plant has the height from 10 inches to 14 inches.

The item comes with decorative pot, soil and care instruction. The care instruction is detailed and clarified by images. In fact, bonsai doesn’t require any special indoor conditions. Just treat gently and follow directions about watering, supplemental nutrient fertilizing and some other advice. In short, bonsai prefer room temperature, 75% humidity level, 3-4 hours a day of direct sun, watering every 2-3 days (daily watering in summer).

Don’t worry Indoor bonsai live money tree can get damages during transportation. With help of superior package the plant will arrive in the best shape.

How plants become bonsai trees?

Actually, the same seed can bring a large tree and a mini-version of it as well. The difference is bonsai needs the years of training. It is possible to achieve full-grown tree illusion through particular bonsai techniques. Moreover, that is the reason of uniqueness of each bonsai.

There are different styles of Japanese bonsai: Classic upright, Informal upright, Bent by the wind, Forest, Curved tree, Tilted tree, Semi-cascade and cascade, Stricken by lightning, Nude roots, and many more.

‘Brussel’s Bonsai’ grows authentic bonsai under the strict condition control. In detail, the trees need pruning and shaping with the wire. Every specific bonsai has different value depending on the quality: size, age, and shaping. Well-shaped, large and old ones are more expensive.