Imploding Kittens for Happy Get-Together

The long-awaited first expansion pack of famous card game Exploding Kittens is here! And the best thing is that now you can play your favorite game together with 5 friends. And it means even more fun, explosions, and madness. This card game can become an amazing gift idea for people, who like board games, humor and, of course, cats.

Kittens, Explosion, and Complete Madness

The rules and game mechanics are the same as the ones in the original edition. Everything is reminiscent of the game of Russian roulette. In addition, the game is full of funny jokes and black humor. That’s why remember that this is the card game for adults!

You have to take into account that you won’t be able to play in Imploding Kittens without original or NSFW editions of the game. Although, you can buy all of them and then you will be able to play this game together with 9 people at once.

You will get 20 new cards, which were illustrated by The Oatmeal and bring 6 new types of actions in the game. Every card has a unique and wonderful design. And all of them are made of high-quality materials. Also, you will find a “cone of shame” in the pack. You will need it to show the course of the game. And don’t forget to check the rules or just recall them.

Create your own strategy to survive during this exciting game and become a winner. It’s very important to understand and study out the main mechanics of the game if you want to get the most out of Imploding Kittens.

No doubts that Imploding Kittens is a must-have game for the big company of people, who enjoy humor and want to have fun. Also, it requires logical thinking, luck, and inventiveness. So, are you ready to taste yourself and your friends?