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Imitation Pearls Tassel Backdrop Necklace

Accessories are always important in woman‘s look. They can decorate it, make a neat simple dress more vivid or just be a nice addition to the casual clothes. This perfect sophisticated necklace can be worn to any occasion such as a wedding or a beach party.

High quality necklace is made of simulated pearls, the chain material is alloy.

This simulated pearl necklace looks just like natural and will fit any woman of any age.

Such necklace will look elegant when wearing a dress with an open back or a strapless dress. It will also look amazing with more casual outfits to make them more festive.

Dimensions: 50 cm * 28.5 cm.

Weight: 47g.

This pretty pearl necklace is a must-have in woman’s wardrobe which will be a luxury gift for her.