Ice Mold — Dachshund Dog

Let the fun begin!

The party is coming, and you think how to make it more ingenious? If you are planning to serve cold drinks, forget the dull square ice cubes! We have a perfect option for guaranteed successful celebration — Ice Mold — Dachshund Dog. The awesome canine-shaped ice tray is a perfect selection for all ages: both for children cocktails and adult alcohol drinks. This a super cute mold helps to make your party more original and funny. Select it for yourself, close to you pet lover, a good friend or family member. It will be an excellent choice for a birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween and any other occasions.

High-quality material

The sausage dog tray is made of high-quality silicone. This ice cube maker is taken food grade and complied with FDA standard. The Ice Mold — Dachshund Dog holds 9 cubes and 14 milliliters per one. The size of one dachshund-shaped ice is 2.5 x 1.5 x 0.5 inches.

How to use and care

Make perfect ice cubes with Ice Mold — Dachshund Dog. This ice tray is easy to use and suitable both for children and adults. But pay attention: due to small parts it can be dangerous for children under 3 years old. Besides ice making, the dachshund-shaped tray also can be used for homemade chocolate or candies.

Due to the silicone material, the prepared sweets are easy to remove from the tray. We recommended washing the mold thoroughly with warm water before first using. Clean it after remove ice or sweets and leave the try for air drying. Please, keep it away from fire and direct sunlight.