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HyperChiller Beverage Cooler

Hyper Chiller Beverage cooler is of the best cooler in its division. Many people will be grateful if you make them such a gift. This cooler is a stylish and convenient gear for everyone. It has good-looking diamond facet design in the black color that would suit to men and women. The idea of this product is quite simple and popular. Save your time, you do not need to wait when your drink will be cooled. You can achieve the result just in one minute.

Key features of the HyperChiller beverage cooler

Almost all of us like to drink cool beverages such as coffee or alcohol drinks. But few people have such useful for drinks item in their kitchen as an instant cooler. You can change the situation easily just by giving cooler as a gift. HyperChiller beverage cooler is simple to use. You need only to fill it with coffee or any other drink and wait for a little. Hyper Chiller can cool any drink in 60 seconds without losing the taste. It is a perfect device to make iced drinks in one minute.

The capacity of the cooler is 12.5oz. So, its capacity is enough to fill most full-sized cups. Improved vents in the lid help for regulation of the pressure inside of the ice storage. The placements of that vents will prevent the dripping of melted ice while you pouring out your favorite beverage.

The Hyper Chiller beverage cooler is safe for the dishwasher. The cooler consists of four parts that could be easily disassembled. It makes the beverage cooler even more practical. The light-weight and compact product, whether you are at home, job, or traveling by car, or spending the day at the beach. This handy personal cooler and warmer will make your day more pleasant. Chill anything you like with The HyperChiller beverage cooler without any change in flavor or dilution!

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